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Eszterlánc – Our year 2021 in pictures

🇺🇸 Thanks for all of you who joined us at our first big event in more than two years, the Táncház and Concert with Eredő Zenekar on Saturday.
Please watch this video about our year of 2021!
🇭🇺 Köszönjük mindannyiótoknak, akik ott voltak szombaton az Eredő Zenekar által adott koncerten, és az azt követő táncházban!
Fogadjátok szeretettel az Eszterlánc 2021-es évéről készült videót!

Videos and pictures by courtesy of Szonja Vajda, Etelka Keszei, Kitti Horhi, Sandor N, Attila Egyedi


1983 SF Ethnic Dance Festival Auditions Backstage

We continue our journey down Memory Lane.
In January 1983, Eszterlánc auditioned for the EDF (Ethnic Dance Festival) of San Francisco. We danced circle and couple’s dances from Dunántúl.
We were in the middle of making the full costumes for the ladies, at this stage we only had the skirts ready – the blouses and headpieces came later. The pictures were taken in the backstage of EDF Auditions.

2005 Hungarian Press Day / Magyar Sajtónap – Los Angeles

2005 – As part of the Traditional Arts Development Program program, the Eszterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble traveled to Southern California to perform for an audience of over two thousand at the annual Magyar Sajtónap (Hungarian Press Day) hosted by the newspaper California Hungarians. At this event, Eszterlánc dancers performed with members of the Kárpátok Folk Ensemble of Southern California.