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Eszterlánc Insights

Whether you want to join us, or you are just curious what happens at a practice, here it is how our Friday evening looked like:
– Meet at CY DanceWorks in San Mateo at 7:30PM
– Warmup
– Technical training (small simplified moves from different dances)
– Continue working on the Vajdaszentiványi material (Transylvania)
– Just started working on the Rábaközi (Hungary)
– Repeated the song “Akkor szép az erdő, mikor zöld” from Vajdaszentivány
– Learned a new song from Rábaköz, “Ha fel megyek a sopronyi hegyre
– Stretching
– Social event

If you want to join us, or you are just curious about our work, our mission, come and talk to us! We can meet:
– At the Woodside Priory during the Scout Events on every second Sunday where some of us teach, some of us are present as parents
– Come to our practices on Friday nights
– See us during the March 15 commemoration. This year at Woodside Priory on the 19th of March at 2PM

Eszterlánc in Sacramento

🇭🇺 Köszönjük a Sacramento-i HunASA egyesület meghívását a Magyar Piknikre október elsején.
Nagyon jól éreztük magunkat, köszönjük a szíves vendéglátás! Külön öröm, hogy sokan felálltak velünk táncolni a moldvai okatatásra.
Reméljük jövőre is találkozunk!
🇺🇸 We would like to thank the Hungarian Association of the Sacramento Area for inviting us for the Hungarian Picknick held on the 1st of October.
We had a great time, thank you very much for your kind hospitality and the delicious food. It was a pleasure to see that many of you joined in at the Moldvai teaching circle.
Hope to see you again next year!