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Táncház – Hungarian Folk Dance House

The Eszterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble
together with the Croatian American Cultural Center


a Hungarian Folk Dance House (Táncház)
with Forrás Banda!

When: January 19, 2019 from 3pm to 11pm
Where: Croatian American Cultural Center, 60 Onondaga Ave. San Francisco, CA 94112
Admission: Adults – $10 | Youth 3-17 yrs – $5 | Children under 3 – Free
For more info: eszterlanc1977@gmail.com

Táncház (Dance house) is a Hungarian and Transylvanian tradition involving dancing to live folk music in individuals’ homes.
– Come learn dances commonly played during a Táncház – or improvise! –
– Meet Eszterlánc and the Mazsola Children’s Folk Dance Ensemble –
– Dance through the evening with Forrás, our Táncház band! –

3:00 pm – Doors Open – Eszterlánc 40th Anniversary Video
3:30 pm – Children’s dance teaching circle with László Tihanyi
4:15 pm – Puppet show by Harangvirág Playhouse (Small room)
4:15 pm – Singing circle – Széki songs (Main room)
4:30 pm – Presentation of folk instruments
5:00 pm – Széki dances in honor of Luca Katalin Gerő (Eszterlánc performance, choreographer: László Tihanyi)
5:15 pm – Children’s arts and crafts led by Harangvirág Playhouse
5:30 pm – 11:00 pm Adults’ dance teaching circle with László Tihanyi and Viktória Kovács
Singing circle – Kalotaszegi songs
Táncház (dance house)

Táncház Flyer